Women Trial Attorneys: Making an Imprint for the Future

Posted: December 22, 2015

Abby Wambach, U.S. Women’s National Soccer team legend, who is arguably one of the most successful strikers and most decorated athletes in the sport, retired last week. Wambach scored 184 goals, more goals than any man or woman. Post-retirement, Wambach plans to continue to fight for gender equality and equal pay. She was quoted in Fortune magazine on December 2, 2015 stating, “the reality is that people are brought up thinking that women are inferior,” and “enough is enough.”

Much like fierce, competitive female soccer players, female trial attorneys are also trying and successfully making their marks. It is no easy task given the fact that women are expected to play many roles, including successful attorney, self-promoter, loving mom and caring wife. I can go into court, a deposition or trial and tell you that, more often than not, my counterparts are males, despite the fact that more women than men are going to law school. I can also tell you that society still expects women to be the caregivers and yet when you’re a trial attorney, you’re always on and constantly thinking about work.

As I was growing up, I saw my mom, who is my personal hero and inspiration, go to work every day as an English teacher at a Catholic high school. She would be up at night grading papers and reading books to prepare her for work the next day. All this time, she was always the best and most supportive mom to my siblings and myself. My mom is always so proud of me for becoming an attorney, but what she fails to realize is that I followed her lead.

When I was in law school, I went to school at night and over the summers for 3.5 years and worked 40-50 hours per week at a plaintiff’s trial firm downtown, under the guidance of a male partner, who believed in me as an aspiring female trial attorney.

Throughout law school and my time as being a trial attorney, the key, I believe, is having a support network, both at the office and at home. I have been fortunate enough to have my amazing husband, Michael’s unwavering confidence and support behind me throughout my decision to switch careers, go to law school and become a trial attorney. You also have to be willing to stick up for what you believe in, and be willing to fight for it.

At The Law Office of Martin L. Glink, I have a supportive environment where I can thrive. What makes me proud to work at my firm is that the partner, Martin L. Glink, as well as the attorney, Michael Rothmann, are extremely involved with their families. They play the roles of dedicated lawyer, husband and dad. They are incredibly supportive of me as an attorney and as a person with a family and I look to them for guidance. We are in similar positions, except that I am a female and so, I learn as I go. It also helps to have an amazing support staff at the firm, which provides a strong and reliable backbone for the attorneys. Being surrounded by colleagues who are pro-you, regardless of your gender, makes one’s job that much better and easier. Moreover, our firm’s healthy environment allows all of us to be the best and most effective advocates for our clients who have been injured and are undergoing very difficult times in their lives.

I also think that being a female plaintiff’s trial attorney gives me a unique perspective with clients. Currently, I have a female client, who is a retired professional and mom, and has experienced a delayed cancer diagnosis. She is a medical professional and the matriarch of her family. I can understand her case in a different way because I get her disappointment in being unable to work and be active, her bond with her daughter, and her need for answers.

Diversity in opinions is of great benefit to law firms. I can tell you from personal experience that times have changed and more females are taking on challenging, but rewarding roles at law firms. Maybe, at this point, the number of female trial attorneys does not equal that of their male counterparts. However, my advice to female trial attorneys out there is to find a firm, like the Law Office of Martin L. Glink, which is pro-you, based on your achievements and what you bring to the table.

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