MLG Personal Injury Law Firm Recently Files Claim to Protect Pedestrian Hit by Postal Truck in Downtown Chicago

Posted: February 4, 2016

The Law Office of Martin L. Glink recently filed a Standard Form 95 claim against the United States Postal Service on behalf of our female client, who was hit by a postal truck on January 10, 2014, while walking to catch the train after work. At approximately 4:23 p.m., she attempted to cross the pedestrian walkway at LaSalle and Washington Streets. When the walk sign was on and she began to cross the street, she failed to make it across the street because a U.S. Postal worker ran her over with his two ton United States Postal Service truck. As this tragic incident occurred, several witnesses to the accident called 911. Our client was dragged approximately forty to fifty feet, and she remained pinned underneath the wheel of the truck for approximately 16 to 30 minutes as she waited for emergency services to arrive. The Chicago Fire Department used a crane/jack device to take the truck off of her.

As a result of this tragic occurrence, she sustained a wide array of injuries, including multiple pelvic and sacral fractures for which she underwent and open reduction and internal fixation with 11-holes plate; a left tibial shaft fracture with intramedullary rod nailing; a left medial malleolus fracture which required surgery; a percutaneous fixation for her unstable fractures; a pneumothorax injury which required surgery and a chest tube to treat her collapsed lung, which was punctured by her left fractured ribs; an extra peritoneal bladder rupture and and anterior vaginal wall laceration, for which she underwent bedside cystoscopy and vaginoscopy; a small tear at the bladder neck; a de-gloving injury to her right thigh area, for which she underwent irrigation and debridement; a wound evacuation; a ventilator to breathe, a nasogastric tube and a feeding tube during the early stages of her injuries; a head injury; neck and back injuries; and permanent left leg shortening. Many of these injuries continue to affect her today and will continue to affect her for the rest of her life.

Due to the tragic hit, she was never able to return to her normal work schedule; and instead, she works downtown a couple days a week, and the remainder from home. The permanent injuries she sustained have and continue to affect her daily and social activities, as well as her relationship with her husband and daughter.

Partner Martin L. Glink also took verbal statements from a few witnesses to the accident, who continue to experience some trauma when they recall the incident.

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